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Whilst you do not have to use a solicitor to apply for the Grant of Probate when someone dies and has left a Will, in our experience most people prefer to instruct a qualified solicitor to wind up a loved one’s estate.

This could be because you do not want to have to deal directly with beneficiaries and prefer the formality of a solicitor who can deal with them and so avoid having to deal with their queries and calls. Or it may be because the thought of having to deal with estate creditors and debtors, the Probate Registry and HMRC is just too daunting a task.

If your loved one has not left a Will then you may need to apply for “Letters of Administration” before you can deal with their estate.

Because we are a relatively small practice with low overheads our fees are competitive and we are always happy to provide clients with a detailed estimate at the outset of the transaction.

If you wish to apply for the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration please call one of our Solicitors today on 0191 22 1030 or complete our website enquiry form.

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