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Unfortunately solicitors are only human and sometimes they make mistakes when handling client’s affairs.

This is often due to an error such as failing to commence court proceedings before a limitation date expires, or failing to serve an appropriate notice or document in accordance with court rules.

However, occasionally mistakes are the result of inexperience, lack of supervision or simple incompetence, which can result in a client losing an opportunity to pursue a claim or exposes them to some unexpected and unnecessary legal liability.

We are able to assist you with Professional Negligence claims against solicitors arising out of the following specific areas:

  • Clinical negligence
  • Personal injury
  • Domestic conveyancing
  • Commercial conveyancing
  • Wills

We have experience in dealing with these areas of law and understand how matters should be dealt with by Solicitors working to the proper professional standards.

You should be aware that strict time limits apply to Professional Negligence claims and our Solicitors can advise you about these when you call.

Some examples of Professional negligence cases include:

  1. A conveyancing Solicitor using the wrong plan in the title deed resulting in the client buying less land than he had expected.
  2. A clinical negligence Solicitor obtaining a report from a medical expert in the wrong specialism as the result of which the Clients claim was dropped when it should have gone to Court.
  3. A personal injury Solicitor misinterpreting the Court rules resulting in the Clients valid claim being struck out by the Court.
  4. A clinical negligence Solicitor failing to issue court proceedings before the expiry of the limitation date.

If you think that you or a family member may have suffered losses as a result of negligence by a solicitor then you may be entitled to compensation.

We know that having already been let down by a lawyer you will be understandably wary when seeking further advice. We will do our best to fully explain the procedures to be followed in the investigation of your claim and keep you informed as to progress.

Please call one of our solicitors today on 0191 222 1030 for a free consultation in relation to your claim or complete our website enquiry form.


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